Electrical Wiring And Re-Wiring

When a home is under construction, a qualified electrician is required to complete all wiring work to ensure that it is safe. This will include the installation of a switchboard,safety switches, power points, phone and data outlets, lighting, light switches and so

on.If you’re renovating your home or it is more than a few decades old, it is worth looking into residential electrical rewiring. This will ensure that old, deteriorated wiring is removed and replaced with safer, modern alternatives. Your family will be protected from potential electric fires and electrocution.


EMJ electrical can handle both types of house rewiring projects. How do I know if rewiring is required? There are a number of occurrences that suggest rewiring a house is required, including: safety switches that trip frequently, overheating outlets, light bulbs that don’t last very long, and power fluctuations (which can actually damage expensive electronic equipment, such as computers).

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