Emergency Electrician

If you need an emergency service call EMJ Electrical on 0424767225 and we will arrange an onsite visit as soon as possible.

Safety check

Carry out installation safety check and provide recommendation for your existing wiring

LED Lighting

LED lights are the latest technology in energy efficient lighting. LED stands for ‘Light Emitting Diode’, a semiconductor device that converts electricity into light.


When a home is under construction, a qualified electrician is required to complete all wiring work to ensure that it is safe. This will include the installation of a switchboard, safety switches, power points, phone and data outlets, lighting, light switches and so on.

If you’re renovating your home or it is more than a few decades old, it is worth looking into residential electrical rewiring. This will ensure that old, deteriorated wiring is removed and replaced with safer, modern alternatives. Your family will be protected from potential electric fires and electrocution.
EMJ electrical can handle both types of house rewiring projects.

How do I know if rewiring is required?
There are a number of occurrences that suggest rewiring a house is required, including: safety switches that trip frequently, overheating outlets, light bulbs that don’t last very long, and power fluctuations (which can actually damage expensive electronic equipment, such as computers).


Lighting is a very important factor in a room, entrance foyer, office or outdoor area. We have experience in lighting design as well as installation. Down light supply and installation. LED lighting for domestic and commercial needs

Garden Lighting

EMJ electrical can provide a solution for all areas of your garden, including: stairs and pathways, courtyards, decks, patios, driveways, water features and wall features. Although we work with LED, incandescent and solar garden lighting depending on your requirements, we do recommend LED for its efficiency and reliability. Our team can help you to determine which of our solutions will best meet your needs.

Switchboard Upgrade

MANY SWITCH BOARD IN OLDER HOUSES have an older style fuse box it may not meet current safety requirements. We can advise and install modern, convenient circuit breakers for your home or business. You no longer have to worry about fuse wires in case of a power outage; now all you need to do to restore power is flick a switch.

Most switchboards these days find it difficult to handle the amount of consumer electronics in modern homes and businesses. They were just not designed to handle the maximum demand power. If you’re experiencing power outages and unreliable power, EMJ Electrical can evaluate your electrical needs and see if a repair or upgrade to your switchboard is needed. We will make sure your home or business has enough power and it is being delivered safely and reliably by your switchboard. This will reduce the risks of overloading and the potential for electrical fires.

Residential Solar System

EMJ electrical, we take the time to find the right solar power package that will best suit your requirements.
Each home is different, and this is why our solar energy consultants will work with you to better understand your individual energy needs and to help create a solution that not only best suits your needs, but is also appropriate for the design & configuration of your home.
Finding the right solar solution for your home is important. EMJ electrical are the experts in finding solar solutions that will reduce your energy bill and leave a lasting impact on the environment.